Project Delivery

Implementation for projects, with energy savings guaranteed

Out Performers has verified outcomes from more than 1,000 energy efficiency projects that were implemented by other companies at large industrial sites, and have done a detailed study on 117 of these projects. Our study showed that over 79% of energy savings projects fail to either meet their financial objectives or maximise their potential energy savings

Out Performers minimises the risk of project failure by developing accurate business cases of energy efficiency opportunities based on measured data. And we guarantee the payback of all projects. (See our Energy Savings Guarantee for more information.)

Our turn-key service will turn your project into an energy saving solution.


Project delivery models 

Out Performers focuses on tangible projects and designs low payback solutions.
We are flexible in project execution models and are able to deliver projects on an “open book” or “turn-key” basis (or both). (“Open book” provides full transparency on direct costs and margins.)

Some possible combinations of project delivery include:

  • A firm fee to design, supply, and install.
  • A project management fee to manage parts of the project but not all of it, with the client managing selected project components.
  • Direct costs (such as sub-contractors and vendors) can be handled by Out Performers for a management fee, or can be undertaken by the client.
  • Transparency over the direct costs and margins is provided in an “open book” model.
  • A full turn-key service, where Out Performers provides all the services necessary to implement the project.
  • An Energy Savings Guarantee can be provided, and we negotiate an Agreed Payback Period with you. This method can also include an incentive scheme for accelerated payback.

Why Measure and Verify?

All our turn-key solutions also include energy measurement and verification (“M&V”), otherwise how do you know if you got what you paid for?

Only by undertaking best practice energy M&V can we ensure that your projects achieve the energy savings we say they will. 

Every turn-key solution therefore includes the following:

  • Measuring the old equipment’s energy consumption in order to establish a Baseline.
  • Verifying the energy consumption and energy savings of the new equipment or the energy saving measures implemented.
  • Guaranteeing the payback.