Identifying Savings Opportunities

A key to maximising the return from energy efficiency implementation is to select the right projects to implement. Leveraging our experience of more than 700 major industrial energy efficiency projects ensures you make more profitable decisions. 

A comprehensive Site Energy Review will audit your energy sources, energy demand and load profile, provide a tariff analysis to ensure you are not paying too much for the energy you are using, and identify a list of potential projects for implementation or further study. We provide solid business cases for each opportunity, and a prioritised list of projects for implementation. We can conduct site reviews equivalent to Level 1, 2 or 3 Energy Audits.

Often our starting point will be our customers' EEO list, compiled by an energy auditor. Our team of professional energy efficiency engineers then conduct more energy measurements and use their experience to turn the energy auditor's list of potential projects into a short list of optimal projects with more accurate business cases for approval and implementation. 

Generally, Comprehensive Energy Reviews are focused on specific equipment or processes and conducted by a professional engineer with expertise in that discipline to ensure suitable outcomes are recommended while considering all operational risks and productivity benefits.