VEECs - Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates

For Victorian Companies

Out Performers’ Victorian office opened in July 2012, and specialises in creating VEECs for commercial (that is, non-residential) lighting projects. Our clients include Woolworths, Coles, Officeworks and Kmart, and we have created VEECs on a large number of sites for these clients (including over 200 Woolworths’ sites in Victoria).

We are also the only organisation in the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme to be accredited in the commercial sector for any activity other than lighting. We are certified to create VEECs for the following non-lighting projects, under these Schedules:
Schedule 31Motors (Replacing electric motor with high efficiency motor)
Schedule 32Refrigerated Display Cabinets (Replacing refrigerated display cabinet with high efficiency unit)
Schedule 33Refrigeration fans (Replacing refrigeration fan and motor with high efficiency fan and motor).

This means we offer a full VEEC-creation service for the widest range of energy efficiency projects undertaken in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Out Performers’ was recently the highest creator of VEECs for commercial lighting in the Victorian scheme and are committed to maintaining our No. 1 position.

A full certificate-creation service

We offer a full certificate creation service, reducing the amount of time and paperwork your staff need to be involved with. This streamlines the certificate creation process, making it easier for our clients, and ensures we can optimise VEEC revenues, as well as returning certificate revenue to our clients sooner.

We work on a no fee success basis only – there are no up-front costs to our clients, as we deduct our fees from the VEEC revenue once the certificates have been created. If we can’t create certificates from your project - for whatever reason - then there are no fees payable. This reduces the risk for our clients in participating in VEEC creation projects.

Please refer to the Essential Services Commission website for more information on the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, which governs the creation of VEECs:

VEECs for projects other than lighting – an expanded VEET in 2016

The VEET scheme is due to be expanded in the second half of this year (2017) to include a much wider range of projects than just lighting.  It will also cover sectors beyond the mainly residential focus that has been the core of the Scheme to date. This means you will be able to create VEECs for energy saved on projects such as chiller replacements, BMS upgrades, refrigeration upgrades, and installing VSDs or EC fans, etc., that have been implemented in commercial, retail, and industrial facilities (such as office buildings, supermarkets and factories or processing plants). These collectively will be covered under the 'Project based assessments' approach that is currently under development. VEECs may also be able to be created from gas saving projects, such as boiler or steam optimisation, etc.

While we still await the release of final details, including a start date, the VEET has, however, announced that the new rules for VEEC creation for Project based assessments will closely follow the PIAM&V methodology that is used in the equivalent NSW scheme. ('PIAM&V' stands for 'Project Impact Assessment Measurement & Verification' methodology, and is used to measure and verify the energy savings from a very wide range of project types.) Out Performers is very experienced in PIAM&V (we’ve even conducted training for OEH and ESC staff, along with other industry participants) and so are well-positioned to help our clients take advantage of the expanded scheme and methodologies when they are introduced in Victoria.

Speak to Phil Goodfellow on 0452 0410 652 or Jason Moore on 0498 989 448 for more information.