Finance, Offsets and Certificates

There are numerous opportunities to offset project costs including:

  • Securing Energy Savings Certificates in NSW (ESCs) and Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), as well as Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) under the Emissions Reduction Fund.
  • Accessing state and federal government grants.
  • Environmental Upgrade Agreements.
  • Long-term finance agreements where repayments match savings to be cost neutral or better.


Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs)
Out Performers is the largest creator of ESCs for large industrial customers and has returned more than $20m to our customers in grants and certificate income since 2009. We have substantially more approved methodologies to create certificates for large industrial energy users than any other supplier. We do all the work and take all the risk and are paid a portion of the income we generate for our clients on a success fee basis.  We specialise in creating ESCs under PIAM and PIAM&V. 

Out Performers is the only Accredited Certificate Provider with pre-existing accreditations to create Energy Savings Certificates from all the following project types:

  • HVAC/chiller upgrades
  • Lighting projects
  • Refrigeration projects
  • VSDs, fans and motors
  • IT and Data Centre Management
  • Transformer upgrades or replacements
  • Water and waste water projects
  • Compressed air optimisation and leak repair programs
  • Whole site improvements using metered baseline approach.


ESCs Now Available for Gas-Saving Projects

ESCs can now be created for projects that improve the efficiency of gas consumption, thus improving the ROI of upgrades to gas-consuming equipment. Our preliminary case studies have indicated that revenue from Gas ESCs can reduce project paybacks to less than 2 years.

Contact David Mitchell for more information: 02 8094 1742. 


NSW Government Funding

Funding is currently available for gas energy efficiency projects through the NSW state government, through two separate programmes:

1.  Under the Gas Efficiency Improvement Program (GEIP) up to $15,000 is
     available for gas and/or steam sub-metering and measuring systems, and up to
     $25,000 is available for installing the gas projects themselves.
     Funding must be matched dollar-for-dollar. The second round of the program closed on June 11th, 2016 and no announcement has been made on possible future rounds.

2.  Under the OEH's Energy Efficiency Professional Services contractor panel,
     funding is available for audits, sub-metering and other assistance including:

  • Energy Audits - currently the energy user only pays a flat $5,000 for eligible audits that are targetted on a specific sub-system (eg: compressed air, gas, steam etc)
  • Technical Assistance - 50% up to $8,000 towards to costs of activities required to facilitate efficiency upgrades, eg: feasibility studies, design studies, needs assessments etc.  OEH will also fund up to $2,000 towards to costs of verifying energy savings from the project.
  • Measurement and Verification (M&V) - up to $15,000 grant (towards the costs of professional M&V services to verify the energy savings achieved by a project.
  • Training - in-house training for a flat $2,000 fee (minimum 15 attendees). Existing courses include various aspects of energy efficiency, from general energy management, through to technology-specific best-practice and M&V. 


Contact Andrew Williamson for more information on any of these:  02 8094 1742.


Government Funding - Federal

There are a number of different federal government grants available and they regularly change. The Federal Government's Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is using $2.6b to purchase emissions abatement through a public reverse-auction process. 

Out Performers has an in depth understanding of ERF methodologies and can assist in assessing project eligibility and ACCU creation.

Disclaimer:  Out Performers' expertise with respect to the Emissions Reduction Fund extends to provision of engineering services only.  Out Performers does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence and therefore does not purport to provide financial advice in regards to the creation and sale of ACCUs. It is recommended that you seek advice from appropriately licenced persons before considering financial implications associated with ERF participation.


Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA)

Under an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) a finance provider lends funds to an industrial or commercial building owner for water and energy savings projects, and this low-risk loan is repaid through local council charges on the land. Tenants can be asked to contribute to the costs, which are completely offset by the reduced energy and water bills.


Other Project Finance
There are many other forms of project finance available that have longer terms to allow savings to offset repayments, ensuring that projects costs are cash flow neutral. For more information ask your Out Performers' client manager.