Energy Management Centre

Installing energy metering and monitoring, and reviewing and acting on that data regularly, is the only way you can consistently save energy over time.

Energy savings, unfortunately, can degrade or reduce over time due to changes in plant and building operation and faults or service issues with equipment. The only way to ensure you maintain the savings from implementing energy conservation measures, and achieve your ROI objectives, is to have on-going monitoring in place. This enables you to increase energy savings by:
  • Quickly identifying equipment malfunctions, deteriorations in savings, or seeing when equipment is using excessive energy due to short term faults.
  • Observing counter-productive effects from competing equipment demands or operational conditions.
  • Identifying new opportunities for energy savings projects.

Identifying these situations early and taking swift action can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Where the correct metering is installed
in the right location
 and suitable monitoring is in place,
paybacks are much less than one year.

Out Performers’ pro-active energy monitoring and metering service, the Energy Management Centre, can give you the information and analysis you need to make the most of your energy monitoring system. We can help you achieve significant energy savings while optimising your facility’s performance.

How often do you review your energy data? We’ve found that only around 1% of businesses regularly do this, and even fewer use their data to pro-actively manage their energy use. This means that most investment in hardware and software for energy measurement is not being fully utilised, and therefore most companies are missing out on achieving significant energy savings. Those that do review constantly typically save up to 15% off their energy bills.

A small monthly fee for active energy management service will cost, on average, less than 10% of projected energy savings.


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