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New Method Triples available ESCs from Industrial Projects

Out Performers is now fully accredited to create ESCs under a new method under the ESS that offers up to 3 times the volume available under previous methods.

The new method is great news for our clients because it allows a much larger volume of ESCs to be created up-front in order to off-set capital costs. It also allows “top-up” claims to be made each year where we can show that actual energy savings achieved match or exceed the savings forecast..

Out Performers has been the only ACP in the scheme accredited to create ESCs for a full range of project types other than lighting upgrades. All our existing accreditations are now upgraded to the new method, covering projects such as HVAC system upgrades, variable speed drives, water treatment, voltage optimisation, data centres, transformers, motors and fans, and industrial refrigeration.

The new Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification, or “PIAM&V”, method is based closely on the international best practice protocol for M&V. Our engineers are accredited in this international standard, and one of our specialists is on the board for arranging training in it around the world.

Out Performers was also recently engaged by OEH to design and deliver a training course that covers the basics of the best practice M&V, and the details of the new PIAM&V method. The next training session is scheduled for 3rd November and registrations can be made at the OEH website here.

 Now with the new method, and record ESC prices, there has never been a better time to implement energy efficiency projects.

Please contact Andrew Williamson on 02 8094 1742 for more information.