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Making your ESC claims easier

We're reducing the time you need to spend providing information.

Substantial changes to the ESS rule governing ESC creation over the past 12 months have changed the way our clients are required to supply information. Some clients have had to persevere through the pre-rule-change information collecting regime, then the transition period requirements, and then the post-rule changes. We also decided our own processes could be fine-tuned.

Out Performers has now developed a new streamlined method for collecting the vast majority of information required from our clients. We do this by holding a two-hour meeting at the start of each ESC claim project, where we collect and confirm the validity of your information on the spot. We’ve found we can get 80% to 90% of the necessary information in this way, and so significantly reduce further requests for information that we know can eat into your working day.

For our Umbrella ESC projects, we recognise there is a lot of information required from our clients at set-up time. But for the second and subsequent years, there’s around 80% less information you need to provide us. It’s worth persevering through the initial set-up phase, as Umbrella ESCs give an annual return for each year until the Scheme ends.

The end result will be less work for you, resulting in a better return on investment from your energy efficiency programs.