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How to save more than 45% in energy use: Easily upgrade the fans in your air-handling units

Fans in air handling units (AHUs) used to be difficult to replace or upgrade. The AHUs are often built into the fabric of the building, making them difficult to remove or upgrade. Changing the size of the fan can also prove problematic, as the unit is sized for the original fan and its air flow and air pressure output.

This combination meant that many companies put upgrading their AHUs into the ‘too hard basket’, and have paid the price with higher energy and maintenance bills.

Now there is a retrofit process that overcomes these problems, and replaces the original belt-driven fans with energy efficient EC fans. Out Performers' resident EC fan expert Phil Goodfellow has retro-fitted more than 36,000 EC fans and has seen the following typical outcomes from these types of projects:  

  • Annual energy savings: from 30% to 70%
  • Project paybacks: 2 to 4 years
  • Maintenance costs: Low to zero over their lifespan, which is typically a reduction of 90% compared to belt-driven fans.

The photos below demonstrate the retrofit process:

See our website for more information, or phone Phil Goodfellow on 0452 410 562.

See the full video at: (2:51 mins)