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Case Study – Steam System Audit

Our client, a large regional food processing plant, was paying $22/GL for their trucked-in gas, with an unloaded steam cost of $61.50/tonne.

Out Performers conducted a steam system audit at the facility.

We found that 46% of all surveyed steam traps had failed, resulting in over 440 tonnes of steam lost per annum, costing the client more than $27,000 a year.

While we noted that some of the leaking steam from two main steam traps was being returned to the condensate system (and hence the steam’s energy was recovered), our ultrasonic detection and calculation methodology took this into account, along with the degree of failure of each trap, to give a realistic cost of steam loss.

Our audit also detected secondary issues with the steam system, such as a considerable quantity of lagging missing on several steam and condensate lines, and a number of steam traps that were unnecessary and could be removed. We also established a suitable inspection regime for steam traps in order to minimise the operating costs associated with the steam system.

Repairs to the traps offered the following benefits:

  • Project payback: six months
  • Annual energy savings from steam trap repairs: 1,232 GJ
  • Annual savings in energy costs: over $27,000.


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