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Case study: How to get the best air compressor for your plant

The client, a manufacturer of high quality goods, wanted to replace their existing high pressure centrifugal air compressor with a modern, oil-free compressor. As the existing air compressor provided the entire compressed air demand for both manufacturing and packaging, it was critical that the most suitable and reliable replacement compressor be sourced. In addition, due to the nature of the products manufactured, a number of international standards for compressed air quality had to be met, including ISO 8573.

Out Performers were engaged to develop and write the technical specifications for replacement compressor, and assist with identifying a list of suitable suppliers.

We started by assessing and documenting the site conditions and site flow demand requirements, using our specialist energy measurement and verification expertise in assessing compressed air systems. We were therefore able to identify that the new compressor would be required to supply an average demand of 12.9 Nm3/min, with a spontaneous peak demand of 19.3 Nm3/min, and a maximum required pressure of 7.5 bar g.

We then determined and wrote detailed specifications for all aspects of the new compressor package, including the compression module type, air end rotor bearings, air end oil and air seals, inlet air filter, gear/gearcase, cooling and lubricating systems, noise levels and piping and fittings, as well as the VSD, main drive motor, and drive method. Additionally, a very detailed set of specifications were provided for the controls package and safety devices, and installation and commissioning requirements.

Out Performers has now conducted the tender on behalf of our client and provided an independent evaluation of the responses to the client, advising them of the technical merit of each brand and option tendered by each of the six suppliers. From this information, the client will decide which air compressor to purchase.

Once the new air compressor has been selected, Out Performers will then undertake detailed systems design work to develop the design for the pipework and associated components of the compressed air system, and project manage the installation.

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