March 2014 - Out Performers' Newsletter

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More time to claim energy rebates, which lights to choose, fixing compressed air leaks, IT energy survey


Energy efficiency projects save companies a lot of money – or cost them plenty if they are not executed properly. I’m hoping that the information contained here will help ensure your projects are among those that deliver tangible savings and benefits.

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ESC changes deferred – act now to enhance your ROI

Last year, the NSW Dept of Environment and Heritage notified the market that a new Rule would be implemented from 1st April 2014 to no longer allow the creation of Energy Savings Certificates for projects that had been previously completed.

After market consultation, the NSW government has now postponed this to an indicative deadline for gazettal of mid/late May. Out Performers expects that this will allow us until the end of May to create certificates for retrospective projects. As it takes approximately 6 weeks for us to complete the engineering and create the certificates, you would need to contact us by Easter (17th April 2014) to kick off the ESC creation process for your completed projects.

Note that after the Rule is legislated, you will need to engage Out Performers before projects are implemented if you wish to create ESCs. So please notify us now to advise us of your pipeline of projects, to ensure you maximise your access to certificates to maximise the return from your projects.

Call our office on 02 8094 1742 and ask to speak to Dale Stedman (for industrial sites) or Klint Rivett (for commercial sites).

We will manage the entire process, where we do all the work, take all the risk, and only take a success fee. There are no up-front costs or ongoing costs.

We create certificates for all the following types of energy savings projects:
HVAC upgrades (such as chiller replacements), Lighting, Compressed Air, Refrigeration, Motors, Fans & VSDs, Data Centres, IT Equipment Consolidation, UPS Upgrades, Software Energy Controls, Water & Wastewater, and whole site improvements.

Call now

If you are about to embark on a project that will impact your energy use, or are just concerned about the ROI on an existing one, please give us a call. We are dedicated to reducing energy use and increasing profits and would like to help you do both.

Yours sincerely

Duncan Stone
B Eng (Civil), MBA, CMVP
Chief Executive Officer

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