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Gas Price Impact

Gas prices are forecast to keep on rising – overall, up 35% by 2022 – see the graph below.

Source: Lance Hoch, et al, Oakley Greenwood, Forecast Gas and Electricity Prices: results of modelling undertaken for Infrastructure NSW, presented at the EEC National Conference 2013, Sydney, 3rd December 2013, p 11.


What you can do about rising gas prices

Steam leaks become a major issue as retail gas prices go up
17% on 1st July 2014

With the steeply rising cost of gas, now is the time to fix your steam leaks.

Out Performers provides a comprehensive steam system service which includes combustion analysis, boiler efficiency optimisation, and minimising steam leaks through ultrasonic detection technology. Our steam audits can be conducted concurrently with a compressed air audit, so if you are thinking of getting your compressed air leaks fixed, consider doing your steam leaks as well.

We offer a turn-key audit and leak fix service, with an Energy Savings Guarantee. Alternatively, our leak audits can be conducted on a daily rate basis.

For an obligation-free discussion on the current state of your steam system, please call Dale Stedman on 02 8094 1742.