June 2014: Why lighting upgrades fail, energy-efficient fans, reducing gas price impact

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There is vital information for all major energy users in this issue. We show you how to reduce your costs, improve your return on investment and maximise your return from government energy schemes.
EC Fan (emb-papst, Germany)

Trading Desk for environmental commodities now open

Out Performers is extremely lucky to have secured the services of
Ken Edwards to head up our new Trading Desk for environmental commodities.

We’re very excited to be able to offer our clients a large range of trading services for ESCs, VEECs, LGCs, STCs, and other carbon based credits such as ACCUs, as well as strategic advice and a negotiating service for major energy users.

For example, if you would like to reduce the costs on your electricity bill from the environmental obligations that currently comprise a proportion of your total electricity costs, our negotiating service may be able to help.

You will find a lot more information on our website www.outperformers.com.au and our experts are available to answer any questions and provide robust and cost-effective energy solutions. Feel free to call me personally to discuss any energy opportunities within your company.

Yours sincerely

Duncan Stone
B Eng (Civil), MBA, CMVP
Chief Executive Officer

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