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Case Study – 5 month payback from repairing compressed air leaks

By repairing leaks in their compressed air system, our client - a large regional NSW manufacturer - achieved the following results: 

  • Reduction in total Recoverable Compression Capacity: 363 CFM*
  • Reduction in total annual energy: 837,489 kWh
  • Total savings: $69,489.

This reduced their leak loss rate from 25.8% to 20.1% - still a fair way from best operating practice (7% to 10% of peak air demand), but a very good start.

Our client repeated the leak detection and repair process the following year, bringing their Compression Capacity down to 184 CFM - 10.2% of peak air demand - saving a further $92,455 off their electricity bill. (Data collection methods for this project included baseline and verification data logging by our compressed air engineers.)

Do you know your current Leak Loss Rate? Where does your plant sit on this graph? 

* CFM = Cubic Feet per Minute flow rate

If you think you could benefit from managing the leaks on your compressed air system, contact:

Dale Stedman (NSW) on 02 8094 1742 or Phil Goodfellow (Vic) on 03 9521 9821
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