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Case Study: Sub-meters at large industrial site

Our client operates a complex industrial site that is over 50 years old. Because of the age of the equipment there was almost no sub-metering, meaning the client had no way of knowing how their plant used electricity and gas, or which pieces of equipment used how much energy. They simply paid their bills.

The client wanted to implement a range of energy savings measures and to ensure it optimised the return on investment from the projects by being able to identify, baseline, design, and accurately verify the outcomes from their initiatives. Out Performers were engaged to provide a total sub-metering solution for the site from design to full installation and connection to the site SCADA system.

Total Solution
To do the job properly, it was essential to provide the client with a high level of understanding of their energy consumption, which meant they had to know how much energy each piece of equipment used.

  • We divided the plant into main areas of equipment such as boilers, compressed air, refrigeration, homogenising and pasteurising units, and others.
  • We identified the type of sub-meters required to measure electricity, gas, water, steam, compressed air, and temperature (pasteurisation probes).
  • We calculated the type, size and specifications of each meter, to measure the client’s key metrics and to ensure the output would be compatible with the plant’s SCADA system.
  • We designed a tailored solution for the sub-meters, sizing and designing specifications for each meter so we could obtain the correct KPIs and required outputs.
  • We sourced the appropriate meters and ended up buying from three different companies to get the right meters and the best result – a benefit we are able to offer through our independence as we are not tied to just one supplier.

Phase 2 of the project will involve installing our energy monitoring solution and enabling the SCADA system to push the sub-metering data to the monitoring platform.

The information we are collecting and analysing will allow our client to make informed decisions about their energy use, to optimise their current equipment and to identify areas where new plant makes economic sense, and will also provide operational alerts and alarms as required to optimise plant throughput.


Phil Goodfellow, Project Services Manager on 03 9521 9821