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Case Study: Fixing Power Factor Correction unit saves $18,000 in demand charges

Fixing this Power Factor problem gave a project payback of less than two months

Out Performers was engaged to assess the condition of the Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment at a large cold storage facility. Our client did not know whether their PFC unit was operating or not. If the PFC unit was faulty it would probably need to be replaced at a total cost of around $30,000.

We found the PFC unit was not working but discovered this was simply from a blown fuse in the control unit.

Replacing the fuse had no effect but replacing the whole control unit did. Once the control unit was replaced the PFC equipment kicked back into life and within minutes showed it was achieving a Power Factor (PF) of 0.99 for the site – an excellent result.

For the cost of installing a new controller - $3,600 - the site achieved reduced demand charges of $1,563/month, giving a project payback of just over two months, and achieving annual savings of around $18,750. This was a great deal cheaper than buying a new PFC unit.

Down load the case study here.

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