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Special offer: $5,000 co-contribution cap on gas audits subsidies

Now is the time to line up a gas audit, as the NSW government is providing a special subsidy to pay the balance of the cost, as long as the client pays the first $5,000.

Example: One of our clients recently undertook a gas audit costing $30,000. However, under these new funding arrangements, a gas audit of this scope would have only cost our client $5,000, with the NSW government paying the remaining $25,000.

A gas audit will not only identify potential opportunities to reduce your site’s gas bills, but also enable you to estimate revenue from ESCs created from gas energy savings achieved by projects implemented after April/May 2016 (which is when we expect the regulations regarding Gas ESCs to be finalised). Read more about our Gas ESC creation service on our website.

As Out Performers is a pre-approved Energy Efficiency Expert listed on the OEH website, we can also help you source OEH funding for capital costs, energy M&V and technical assistance for both gas and electricity efficiency projects.

Contact Andrew Williamson for more information on 0401 229 114.