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Case Study: Gas Audit shows Gas ESCs could halve payback times

Our client, a large food manufacturer, engaged Out Performers to conduct a comprehensive gas audit of their Sydney plant. The audit was part-funded by state government subsidies.

Several projects were identified that would reduce gas energy consumption by 4.25%, and save around $45,000 p.a. in energy costs. The projects included oven re-balancing, heat recovery, and installing gas sub-metering.

We found that the estimated, one-off, Gas ESC revenue of around $90,000 would reduce the collective paybacks of the gas projects to under 2 years, making the projects viable from an internal investment perspective.

However, note that creating ESCs from gas savings requires a longer metering period than ESCs created from electricity savings – around 2 to 4 months’ monitoring is needed.

Out Performers therefore recommends commencing planning for gas savings projects as soon as possible, to achieve the highest ROI from energy savings and gas ESCs.

Note that Gas ESCs will be available from April/May onwards. We’ll let you know when the final methodologies for Gas ESC creation have been released by the regulator, so you can get started on ESC creation straight away.

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Case Study:  Gas Audit shows Gas ESCs could halve payback times