Client Briefing: July 1st Demand Charges

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This is a special briefing to our Victorian clients regarding forthcoming increases to electricity bills for CitiPower and PowerCor customers from 1st July.

Demand charges will increase from 1 July 2016 for CitiPower & Powercor customers

Do you know how much more will you be paying after 1st July for demand changes on your site’s electricity bill, and what you can do to reduce them?

Our engineers can calculate what your liability would be under the
new tariff. We’ll also show you how much you would save if your site improved its Power Factor, and whether this would be cost-effective for your business. This service is completely free, and is provided by independent engineers – we are not electricity retailers or suppliers of Power Factor Correction (PFC).

From modelling already undertaken for some of our Victorian clients, we’ve found that large energy users will incur increases of around 15% under the new tariff.

Typically it takes up to 3 months to scope, source and install power factor correction equipment. However, we can minimise the time, hassle and risk that's usually involved.

Our three-step solution also includes free energy monitoring for 12 months, so you will be guaranteed improved Power Factor and lower bills. We are the only PFC solution provider to offer this free monitoring service.

Contact Tom Harrison for more information on 02 8094 1742 or