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Gas Shortages on the Horizon


Demand for gas will outstrip supply in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia within the next two years, potentially forcing a number of companies out of business. That’s the message from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) in its 2017 Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO).

The AEMO is the federal government body responsible for operating Australia’s largest gas and electricity markets and power systems. Put simply, they keep the lights on and the furnaces firing. The organisation has attracted media attention in recent months due to the failure of South Australia’s electricity networks last year, and critical events during the recent heat waves experienced across New South Wales.

What’s the Significance of a GSOO?

A GSOO is published by the AEMO each year, along with an Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO). The GSOO presents the results of in-depth government analysis to forecast how much gas our economy will require across household, industry and electricity generation sectors, and the amount of gas that will be available from various supplies, sources and pipelines.

While typically an uneventful report, this year’s GSOO released on 9 March contained a stark forecast: gas supply will fall short of predicted demand by summer 2018, and the pressure of rising gas prices will force a number of companies out of business.

Knowledge is Power

This grim prediction underscores how critical it is for large energy users to develop a comprehensive understanding of their energy consumption, particularly the natural gas component.

Here are three key questions that can help you get clear on where your business currently sits, and where there’s work to be done:

  • What are your billing and procurement arrangements?
  • What are your best opportunities to optimise gas consumption now?
  • How can you maximise the returns on investment from such opportunities?

How Out Performers Can Help

While safeguarding your business against this anticipated gas shortage may seem like a daunting responsibility, the good news is Out Performers can help.

We’re currently working with several large manufacturing clients on projects focused on managing gas consumption. Some examples of the solutions we have implemented include:

  • Conducting targeted energy audits and “deep dives” on specific processes and systems to identify and quantify opportunities that can then be developed into business cases for investment
  • Design and installation of sub-metering systems for natural gas, steam and process flows
  • Design and setup of remote monitoring systems and energy management platforms to make the data meaningful
  • Provision of back-office engineering support to monitor, filter and then translate the data into clear and actionable steps
  • Implementation of gas efficiency upgrades ranging from boiler upgrades to high efficiency burner retrofits, control systems and heat recovery
  • Accurate verification of energy savings following commissioning, and re-commissioning to achieve promised performance
  • Creation of additional project revenue streams via energy efficiency certificates, resulting in improved project ROI


The Worst Action is Inaction

With the predicted gas shortage just around the corner, we encourage you to act now. If you’re unsure how to best tackle this task, a call to Out Performers might be the best place to start. Our team of independent and experienced engineers can design the solution that will help to ensure your business isn’t caught short.

Contact Dale Stedman, Out Performers’ Industrial Business Development Manager, on 0402 060 611 or email

Click here to view AEMO website 2017 Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO

Click here to view the PDF Published March 2017