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Energy Savings Scheme Changes Deliver Much-Needed Good Gas News


The New South Wales state government recently announced the 2016/17 Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) Rule updates. The ESS Rule sets out how Energy Savings Certificates are created, and is subject to annual review, public consultation and updates. 


The Key Changes

The latest amended Rule will commence on 28 April 2017, and it contains a number of key changes, two of which are particularly good news for larger commercial and industrial operations:

  • New simplified methods to verify energy savings from a set of common boiler and gas water heater efficiency upgradesAlso included are installations of automatic blowdown control and blowdown heat recovery systems. These deemed sub-methods will be available under the Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Business (IHEAB) sub-method.

  • Enabling sampling under the Project Impact Assessment with Measurement and Verification (PIAM&V) method. This should be of particular benefit to projects that involve implementing large numbers of similar upgrades for which it’s not viable to sub-meter every instance. Examples could include Variable Speed Drives on pumps and fans.

    A consolidated version of the new Rule can be downloaded here.

The ESS: A Brief History

Established in 2009, the ESS creates a financial incentive to reduce energy consumption by encouraging energy saving activities.

When businesses invest in energy saving measures, accredited certificate providers can create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs). Liable parties such as energy retailers then purchase these certificates, with the funds returned to the business that generated the energy savings.

Legislated to continue until 2025, the ESS has so far supported projects expected to deliver around $2.6 billion in energy savings for New South Wales households and businesses over the next decade and beyond.


Out Performers: The ESC Specialists

Out Performers is the largest creator of ESCs for large industrial customers and has returned more than $20 million to our customers in grants and certificate income since 2009.

We carry out all the work and bear all the risk, receiving a portion of the income we generate for our clients on a success fee basis.

As specialists in the creation of ESCs under PIAM and PIAM&V, Out Performers can offer substantially more approved methodologies to create certificates for large industrial energy users than any other supplier.

Are ESCs Right for your Operation?

To learn more about the financial benefits that ESCs could bring to your business, contact Andrew Williamson, National Business Development Manager, on 0401 229 114 or


Click here to view the ESS NSW Government website

Or, click here to view the ESS Rule change