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Out Performers wins Highly Commended for Best National Industrial Energy Efficiency Project 2014

19 November 2014

Out Performers’ Phil Goodfellow won the Highly Commended award for Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project 2014 at the National Energy Efficiency Conference and Awards Ceremony held in Sydney in November.

The Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in all areas of energy efficiency, recognising the best projects, programs and leaders across seven categories that demonstrate excellence in performance, leadership and innovation. (See the full list of winners here.)

Out Performers' winning entry was a network of 27 sub-meters installed at a large food processing plant, and the project used innovative techniques for getting the data from the sub-meters to the client’s Citec SCADA and then to Out Performers’ energy monitoring platform.

  • Socomec power meters were installed on homogenisers, separators, and blow moulders, as well as the compressed air system and cooling station.
  • Flow meters for compressed air (CS-iTEC) and steam (Krohne) were installed, while the gas input to the boiler was measured using the spare pulse meter on the Jemena gas meter via a Jemena Client Intrinsic Interface Panel.

Our project showed how sub-meters could be successfully installed in even the most difficult and complex environments. It has enabled our client to start monitoring their energy consumption and other metrics and therefore give them a head start in identifying suitable opportunities for achieving energy savings in a systematic manner. This data has already allowed the client to optimise compressed air operations and reduce maintenance costs.

Congratulations to the project team, Phil Goodfellow and his deputy project manager Sam Gardner, (shown in the accompanying photograph), as well as to our client for conceptualising and undertaking such an ambitious project.

Phil Goodfellow and deputy project manager, Sam Gardner, holding the Highly Commended Trophy

Phil Goodfellow and deputy project manager, Sam Gardner, holding the Highly Commended Trophy