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NSW government leads the way in energy efficiency, clean energy

24 July 2014

The NSW government will invest $290 million over the next ten years on energy efficiency and on-site renewable energy generation in its own buildings, saving up to $55 million in energy, water and waste costs per year, and stimulating the clean energy sector in the process.

This will be achieved by mandating energy savings in all NSW government agencies, under the government's newly-released NSW Resource Efficiency Policy. Savings will be achieved through a raft of energy efficiency approaches and installing on-site electricity generation such as solar PV.

The aim is to reduce the government’s total bill for energy, water and waste – currently costing over $500 million per year – and to stimulate growth in the clean energy sector in NSW, as well as set a leadership example to other organisations and businesses in NSW.

Estimated  energy savings of up to $55 million per year by 2024 are expected. “The NSW government is one of the biggest electricity consumers in the state and this new policy will increase resource efficiency and free up funds for frontline Government services,” said NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes.

He continued, “We are intent on making NSW the place in Australia to do business if you are in the clean energy sector. When it comes to clean energy we can be Australia’s answer to California.” (California has a renewable energy target of 33%, while Australia’s is 20%.) Government agencies would be encouraged to install at least 10kW of solar panels per 100m2 of unshaded, north-facing roof to supply each site with around 30% of their electricity. Wind farm development would also be encouraged by formulating noise guidelines to provide developers with more certainty.

Mr Stokes said he was confident that his government could make NSW number one in Australia for clean energy and climate change mitigation.

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