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It’s the early birds who’ll catch the ERF worm…

19 May 2014

Out Performers agrees with a recent Reputex article that first-movers in the Emissions Reductions Fund (ERF) will reap the most benefit. Companies who bid at the first ERF auction in late October/early November will get a much better price and hence, much better ROI, on their projects, as the number of bidders will be small relative to the cash on offer.

Reputex’s line of thinking (in Climate Spectator, 15 May 2014) was as follows:

“In line with the government's expected cash distribution, we continue to forecast that the low number of bidders will mean that ERF funding is unlikely to be exhausted in the early years, leaving a large amount of capital available for small and large bidders.

Inversely, low supply and low competition for funds may provide an opportunity for early movers to secure higher priced contracts while participation in the ERF is low.“ (See the full article here.)

Out Performers will make it easy and risk free for our clients to participate in the ERF in much the same way as we have under the ESS. If the carbon tax is repealed and the ERF comes in to play, the first auction is likely to occur in November - just six months away -  so we need to understand what potential projects you may have now to allow you to become part of our bid, where we will aggregate savings across numerous projects and clients to maximise outcomes.

To discuss your Expression of Interest, or find out more information, call Duncan Stone on 02 8094 1742.