Water and wastewater

Pumping water through a large network of pipes and treating waste water can use huge amounts of energy. 

Yet the energy used to provide pumping power can be reduced in many ways, such as:

  • Improving pump efficiency, through repairs or installing Variable Speed Drives, and matching motor load to demand
  • Fixing leaks in pipes, reducing leaks, or re-routing pipes to take advantage of gravity
  • Improving waste water treatment processes, including converting to a less energy-intensive process such as BNR, IDAL or DAF, clarifier plants.

Out Performers has verified the energy savings on a number of large projects for several large water utilities and has created Energy Savings Certificates for our clients by using our accredited methodology for water and waste water projects.

We partner with Hunter H2O Australia to provide expertise and advice on large water projects, and have other resources for advising on water savings opportunities for smaller industrial water users.