Steam Systems and Boilers

Large industrial or manufacturing sites can spend over half their energy on their  steam systems and boilers, or other heat applications, typically costing more than $500,000 p.a. in energy costs alone.

These are often complex systems that do not allow for easy assessment of energy usage, and are often overlooked when it comes to considering energy efficiency measures. Yet there are a range of simple actions that can be taken as first steps to reduce their energy use, and these can often be implemented in-house.


Our services

We can audit your steam system and boiler and identify the best ways to reduce your energy costs and improve performance and operational reliability.

1. Specialist services at the sub-system level:

  • Ultrasonics Leak Detection Survey for Steam
  • Steam Leak Repairs 
  • Steam Trap Optimisation
  • Boiler Optimisation 
  • Combustion analysis and optimisation
  • Distribution Pipe Sizing Assessment
  • Various heat recovery options.

2. High Level Assessment

Our High Level Assessment of your whole boiler and steam system, or other heat application, gives you an overview of potential opportunities available.
It consists of a site walk-through and data collection resulting in a brief report that:
  • Assesses your current steam, boiler, or other heat applications.
  • Highlights any areas where there is potential to reduce energy use or costs. 
  • Gives an estimate of energy savings and any associated costs.
  • Identifies simple, low-cost, high-payback projects you can implement straight away, such as steam leak repairs, and boiler and steam-trap optimisation.
  • Identifies whether additional investment-level auditing work is required in order to identify other suitable energy saving projects. 

3. Comprehensive Assessment

This in-depth assessment of your whole system provides you with a prioritised list of projects for implementation, along with a detailed business case for each option. It involves:
  • Further detailed data collection, assessment and engineering analysis to identify and provide investment-level business cases for potential projects.
  • Development of a comprehensive report, outlining suitable options for energy savings projects, and their ROI and project payback times.

4. Detailed Design, Tender and Project Management

We can proceed with a detailed design for your selected projects, and can also manage the tender and project implementation process for you with guaranteed outcomes.