Because operational performance is so critical for refrigeration, making energy savings in big refrigeration plants can be risky if it is left to the wrong people. However, Out Performers knows that improving energy outcomes can be achieved without reducing plant performance. 

We have expert in-house industrial refrigeration engineers with experience across a wide range of refrigeration and chiller projects. These skills are supplemented with our partnership with the UK’s most advanced industrial refrigeration engineers to ensure we have the expertise to advise on significant projects.

We also have strong relationships with the major ammonia plant contractors which is critical in achieving high quality refrigeration outcomes particularly when these contractors have been managing your plant for many years. 

We can improve the reliability of your refrigeration system and reduce energy costs as an added benefit. We can also help with your transition from R-22 to alternative refrigerants ahead of the 2016 phase-out.


Our services:

  • Site audit of your refrigeration system to identify projects to improve reliability and energy use. 
  • Advise, plan and manage refrigerant upgrades.
  • Install product temperature sensors and provide ongoing real time monitoring and alarm systems to optimise energy performance and minimise risk.
  • Design and project manage plant upgrades with guaranteed outcomes.
  • We can also advise you on ESCs and government grants available for refrigeration upgrades and other energy efficiency projects.