Power Factor Correction Solutions

Does your facility suffer from poor Power Factor? Power Factor problems are invisible … and expensive…

Finally, an effective 3-step solution to remove your Power Factor risk.

Our turn-key Power Factor Correction solution can help you improve your site’s power factor and cut your power bill.   


Our Power Factor Correction Solution – In more detail

1. Data Analysis – “Free Health Check”

We analyse your electricity interval data, to calculate your existing power factor, and how much you would be charged under the new tariff if your power factor remained the same.

  • If your power factor is fine, we send you a one-page report, providing independent engineering advice that your power factor doesn’t need fixing.
  • If your power factor needs improving, we provide an estimate of how much it would cost to install PFC equipment, and what this would save you on your bill. If we find particularly bad power factor issues then we will also suggest alternative demand management options that can be more cost effective than PFC alone.

2. Turn-key PFC Supply & Installation

If you are interested in receiving a firm price for our solution, then we undertake the following activities: 

  • Site inspection by a PFC specialist to confirm space and cabling required.
  • Specifying high quality PFV equipment to match your site’s loads, and sourcing appropriate suppliers.
  • Providing a clear proposal to you for full project management of supply and installation of Power Factor Correction, with a business case showing ROI and simple payback.

 3. Guaranteed Bill Savings
Once your PFC solution has been installed, we ensure you save money on your electricity bills by undertaking the following activities: 

  • Performing a post-commissioning review on-site to confirm system performance and client satisfaction.
  • Documenting your improved Power Factor, and using this to lodge a claim with your utility to re-set your peak demand charges immediately (instead of waiting for the default 12 month period).
  • Linking your electricity data (with your permission) to our energy monitoring platform for the next 12 months, so we can continuously monitor your Power Factor and peak demand levels to ensure that your power factor remains at its new, improved level and that your demand charges are therefore minimised. We’ll contact you immediately if there is anything amiss with your Power Factor that could impact on your electricity costs or operational effectiveness.


For more information contact the Sydney office on (02) 8094 1742