Motors, fans, and VSDs

Matching your motor or fan operation to its load profile is just one of the many ways we can optimise the energy efficiency of motors, fans and associated equipment.

Significant energy savings with short paybacks can also be achieved by installing variable speed drives (VSDs) or replacing existing equipment with new technologies, such as EC fans (electronically commutated fans), that are much more energy efficient than older models.

Our Services

We can:
  • Review your site to understand current energy use and remaining operational life of motors/fans and present business cases and ROI for upgrades.
  • Source the optimum technology that maximises operational compatibility while minimising energy consumption.
  • Implement VSD design and motor replacement projects with guaranteed outcomes.
  • Retrofit EC fans to air handling units (AHUs), computer room air conditioning units (CRACs), or other parts of your ventilation system.
  • Create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) to offset project costs for VSD installations and fan or motor replacements in NSW.