Feasibility Studies: Renewable Energy or Co-gen

Is now the right time to put solar PV on the roof of your facility, or install a co- or tri-gen plant?


A  feasibility study will let you know if it's worth investigating these options further. We will assess the natural resource availability at your site, technology options available, what suits your needs best, and capital and installation costs.

We'll also identify the risks that are often associated with these types of projects. We'll tell you if you need to wait until technology prices fall further down the cost curve, or whether renewable energy is a cost-effective option now.

Our Feasibility Study includes but is not limited to the following:

  • What type of renewable energy technology is most suitable for you? 
  • What is the ROI and business case for renewable energy?

  • What level of technological risk will you take?

  • Quantify other spin-off benefits to be obtained, such as good will.

  • What grants and offsets are available?

  • If the time to invest isn’t now, where and under what conditions will it be right?

  • Which of your sites presents the best option and why?

  • Have you optimised your energy efficiency opportunities? There is no point in investing in renewable energy when there are better investment returns from energy efficiency projects.

If you’re considering renewable energy, contact us for an obligation-free discussion.