Energy Risk Assessments

Large energy users being faced with unprecedented supply cost shocks need to adapt fast to a turbulent energy market. It's clear the days of relatively low costs and stable supply are over.  Business decisions and contract negotiations require a clear picture of gas and electricity requirements and opportunities for reductions.

Out Performers has developed a process to help our clients respond quickly and effectively to understand and manage the potential risks presented by energy price and supply shocks. Our Risk Assessments for Electricity and Gas are a rapid assessment of how well your site buys, uses and manages natural gas and/or electricity.


The process involves three main steps:


  1. Procurement Review

  • This is a detailed desktop review of your site's energy consumption data and bills. We identify any mismatch between your specific consumption patterns and your contract terms, tariffs and charges. Modelling and forecasts are prepared for multiple scenarios.


  2. Technical Health Check

  • Desktop analysis of all available electricity, gas, steam, hot water, combustion and production data.
  • Site walk-through to document main loads, system components, operating status and identify initial opportunities for improvement.


  3. Energy Risk Workshop 

  • Engage key management, financial, operational, engineering and maintenance teams by presenting initial findings for discussion and agreement on action list. 


Contact Out Performers to discuss how we can tailor a fast and effective Energy Risk Assessment to meet the specific needs of your site.