Find and Fix Leaks Fast!

Daily Rate Service for leak management - Finding and fixing leaks fast

Our simplified approach to compressed air leak management means that it’s now even easier to get someone reliable to find and fix your compressed air leaks on a regular basis:

  • One daily rate for both leak detection and repairs ("block rates"). 
  • A capped amount for parts, or we can use available parts on site.
  • Trained technicians with up-to-date ultrasonic leak detection equipment, supported by engineers with extensive compressed air expertise and experience.
  • On-line access to your list of leaks data, in real time, showing each leak identified, with estimates of leak costs, total lost capacity, repair status and simple payback. This is also provided to you in a separate report.

Here’s what our new service looks like for a typical site:

 CA Leak Find & Fix fee table


We help you keep on top of your leaks, easily:

  • Regular three month or six month scheduling - or as required or nominated.
  • We provide a verification report demonstrating your leak loss rate post-repairs. This can help with reporting and supporting a business case for on-going leak management. 

See our on-line leak management portal

See what your leaks data could look like on our on-line leak management portal, 'On-Site'. Test-drive the demo site showing representative results from a number of NSW manufacturing sites here: (Login:, Password: onsite).


Compressed air leak repairs offer excellent return on investment

Average returns and benefits include:  

  • Simple payback: 6 months
  • Additional compressed air capacity and/or redundancy, and reduced load on your air compressors.

For more information, call Dale Stedman on 0402 060 611.