Compressed air

Compressed air is critical to large manufacturing plants – you can’t operate without it. 

A manufacturing site that spends $2m a year on electricity will pay approximately 11% or $220,000 a year on electricity to run their compressed air system. 

Yet two simple actions – repairing your compressed air leaks, and sequencing your compressors appropriately – can halve the energy costs of your compressed air system. There are also other measures you can take to improve the operational performance of your system while also reducing energy and maintenance costs.

The Out Performers’ team have completed over 1,000 detailed compressed air surveys on large industrial and manufacturing plants. A summary of our findings, shown in the figure below, shows that, most compressed air systems cost more to run than they should. We know this can be cost-effectively fixed. Where does your system sit on this graph?

Our services: 

 1. Reviews/Audits of your compressed air system:

      • Level 1: Compressed Air Site Assessment
      • Level 2: Flow and Energy Demand Survey
      • Level 3: Comprehensive System Review.

2. Leak Optimisation Program (LOP):

Out Performers’ unique, 6-step process detects and fixes leaks in your compressed air system. Paybacks are typically around 7 to 8 months.


3. Other Compressed Air Services:
  • Ultrasonic Leak Detection – Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Argon...)
  • Plant Room Design
  • Preliminary Equipment Selection
  • Tender Evaluation Service
  • Compressed Air Verification (to create ESCs)
  • Air Quality Review
  • Compressed Air Load Analysis (using in-line flow metering)
  • Pressure Survey
  • Pipe Sizing Survey
  • Load Profile Testing
  • Training.