Simple energy efficiency measures with very short paybacks

Saving energy does not need to involve high cost, high tech projects. Many of the most cost-effective ways of saving energy relate to good “housekeeping” measures.

Out Performers has identified a range of very-short-payback ideas and we have an internal team of technicians and project managers that can quickly implement them to provide you with energy savings fast.

Our engineering team can also quantify the benefits you obtain from implementing these simple and effective measures so you can prove the value you are obtaining. We can also provide you with an up-front estimate of project paybacks and return on investment, so you can prioritise project implementation on this basis.

Typical low payback opportunities include:

  • Identifying and repairing compressed air leaks.
  • Identifying and repairing steam system faults/leaks.
  • Installing gas, water, and electricity meters and sub-meters with suitable monitoring.
  • Improving insulation to tanks and pipes.
  • Removing piping restrictions.
  • Optimising boiler operations by conducting combustion analysis.
  • Replacing failed power factor equipment.
  • Fitting controls to lighting and machinery.
  • Improving temperature control in refrigeration by installing and monitoring food temperature sensors.
  • Fitting and optimising VSDs (variable speed drives) to motors and fans.
  • Installing highly-energy efficient EC fans where appropriate.
  • Optimising Building Management Services (BMS).

These projects typically pay for themselves within one to two years from the energy they save, and in some cases paybacks can be as low as six months.




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