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Our history

Building on his success and experience as CEO of ASX-listed companies in the energy sector, Duncan Stone founded Out Performers in 2009 when he identified a niche in the energy management marketplace – the creation of credits for Australia’s biggest energy users.

As the only Accredited Certificate Provider able to generate ESCs for retrospective projects, and with unique measurement and verification processes developed in-house - we quickly became the biggest ACP in Australia.

However, we also realised that major energy users had much bigger problems than earning credits. A survey of 117 energy-reduction projects, conducted during ESC-creation activities, identified that over 70% had failed to reach their projected ROI. There were a number of reasons for this, all of which Duncan knew could be solved by the right people using the right equipment.

Key people were recruited from within the industry (see Our People for details), creating a dynamic team of energy-savings experts who could deliver a total service to our clients across a broad range of categories. (See Our Services for a complete list.)

While expensive “energy consultants” deliver reports on compliance issues and strategies, Out Performers has carved a niche as the company that delivers real energy savings. Our tagline ‘Saving Energy, Increasing Profits’ summarises the benefit to our clients. We reduce your energy use, and we do it in a way that delivers real and ongoing savings to your bottom line.


In September 2018, Out Performers was acquired by ERM Power. ERM Power has been powering Australia for more than 30 years and is the largest dedicated supplier of energy to business. Founded as a boutique energy consultancy advising state, federal and international governments and large corporations, ERM successfully listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2010 and is an ASX300 company. ERM’ services include energy retailing, generation, wholesaling and trading, and energy solutions management.